Tomato-Basil SANDWICH

This is the PERFECT sandwich in my opinion.  I just get chills when I make it.  If you love tomatoes and basil, try it out.
**Requires on vine-ripened, fresh from your (or your friends) garden tomato
**Requires garden fresh basil (or fresh basil from the grocery store.)  But come on?  Just grow a little basil plant and you can use the basil all summer long!!

1) Pluck 20 or so fresh basil leaves, and dice into small pieces.  Mix in small bowl with 1 TBSP mayonnaise, and a dash of salt.  

2) Toast bread, and spread one piece with Basil mixture, and the other with a generous amount of mustard. 
3) Slice tomato in four thick slices, and put on Basil mixture.
4)In small frying pan, melt about 1/8 cup of cheese on medium heat (1 minute or less).  When melted, pour over tomatoes, covering evenly.  
5) Add deli meat (Chicken) if desired.  If not, it is fine without it.
6) Top with last piece of bread.