Farmers Market Finds

I went to the Kaysville Farmers market this afternoon. This post isn't really a recipe as much as me sharing my delight to have some garden fresh veggies. I cooked them up, and enjoyed them with a Turkey Burger. 
I cut up the veggies, put them on a greased cookie sheet, brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled them down with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. I roasted them in the oven on 400 for 20 minutes.

Now check out this guy below. It looks (and tastes) similar to a cantaloupe, but is supposedly called a Jerusalem Melon. I had never heard of that, and honestly I am wondering if the guy at the farmers market really was being serious. Anyway, if you see a melon like this in  your grocery store, BUY IT! It is very sweet and juicy.

I found this recipe for a turkey burger and it was really very good.
Thanks to the farmers for growing this food for me so I didn't have to :)