Patty's Pasta Salad

This pasta salad is great (and easy) for the 4th or any summer gathering. Everyone loves this. Even those who don't usually like pasta salads!

1 cup uncooked colorful spirals

1 cup bowtie

1 cup shells

1 cup penne or other pasta

Cook the noodles to al dente (overcooking will cause a soggy salad). When the noodles are done, rinse them under cold water for a few minutes to remove the starch. Let them drain while you chop whatever veggies you have. Here is a list. You can use any or all or anything you like.


grape tomato (unchopped)

ripe olives (sliced or whole)

green, red, orange, yellow peppers


green onion

purple onion


baby peas


cauliflower (strong, so use only a little if you use it)

Cubes cooked chicken makes it a nice dinner salad (serve it with a fruit cup!)

Toss chopped vegetables together and add to pasta in a large bowl. Add the dressing about 1/2 hour before you plan to serve it.


1 bottle Ranch dressing

1 bottle Italian dressing

1 cup sugar

It is helpful to make a full batch of dressing so you will have enough even if you have to sip it from time to time. Mmmmmmm