my cinnamon rolls

I have tasted and seen too many sub-par cinnamon rolls lately, and I feel the need to share my methods. I know everyone probably knows how to make their own cinnamon rolls, but just in case there is someone out there who is struggling, perhaps this will help a titch.

I follow my favorite basic roll recipe to the T (see it below), and when the recipe calls to "shape the rolls" I roll out the dough for my cinnamon rolls. You want to make a rectangle shape. The longer and skinnier you make it, the more (smaller) rolls you will make. If you make a square, your rolls will be humongus and you will make far less.
Next I take cold butter, about 1/4 cup, cut into tiny pieces, and scatter them on the dough. (You could add an extra 1/8 cup butter and only make it better.) The problem with most rolls I taste is the butter issue. I know butter is fatty and whatever, but YOU CANNOT SKIMP THE BUTTER WHEN YOU MAKE CINNAMON ROLLS! Without enough butter you end up with rolls without the goo. Trust me- you want the goo.

I'm sure someone out there in the world measures, but I don't, so I sprinkle the cinnamon all over- MAKE SURE YOU GET THE EDGES REALLY GOOD, you are going to wipe the counter off anyway, right?

Next I sprinkle hand fulls of brown sugar until.... well covered. I'm sorry, I don't measure.

Then start the roll.

When cutting the rolls, you are NEVER EVER ALLOWED TO USE A KNIFE! Cinnamon flavored dental floss is the best way to go. Simply slide the floss under the roll, twist the two ends and pull. This will cut the roll from the outside all at once. The ends usually have the least numminess, so scoop up all the filling that falls out as you cut the rolls and stuff them inside and on top of the end pieces- that way they aren't a waste. A little butter on them would work wonders as well.
Place on a greased pan NOT TOUCHING! My roll recipe calls for 1 hour of raising after the rolls are shaped, so they get plenty big.Cook them according to roll directions. When finished, drizzle with frosting and enjoy!


These rolls are super soft and nummy even without the cinnamon roll stuff.


Nick and Melanie Munns said...

Yummy, thanks for a lot of great tips, I have been thinking about cinnamon rolls today and want to try this recipe.

Terri said...

can I come live with you?

Luana said...

Amber why can't you cut the rolls with a knife? They look really yummy. I am not a bread maker but once every 3 or 4 years I will make cinnamon rolls.

Erin Spenc said...

You can use a knife, but it will smoosh your rolls and the dough sticks to the knife. If you don't have cinnamon dental floss, use thread or string, I promise it is much easier. :)

Cairen said...

yum those look really yummy!