Homemade Ice Cream Cake!


1- 1/2 gallons of your favorite ice cream
favorite candy, cookies, fudge, whip cream, etc. depending on the flavors picked.
1 large tub of cool whip and more if you want to frost with it.
1 box of favorite cake mix prepared (eggs, oil, and water)
Spring Form Pan

So my kids always love ice cream cakes for their birthday parties, but I am so sick of paying $35 for a cake. I decided to make my own this year. First things first is you need a spring form pan. You buy a regular cake mix and prepare per package directions. If you want to make two layers of cake you divide in half and cook in two separate spring form pans. Cook per package directions and let cool. I usually before placing the cake batter will crush up oreos or graham crackers on the bottom of the pan and then pour in cake batter. Cook per package directions. Remove from oven and let cool for appox. 10 minutes.
Meanwhile mix one gallon ice cream with one tub of cool whip with electric mixer. Cut your cake down to the desired height. You want a lot less cake if doing two layers of cake and ice cream. Place toppings, crushed candy, fudge, whip cream, (whatever you want) on top of the cake. Then pour the ice cream mixture on top of the cooked cake and toppings. If you want place second layer of both cake and ice cream. Put in freezer for minimum of 12 hours. When you remove take a warm, wet knife around the outer edge to loosten the cake. Open the springform pan and you can decorate.



They taste amazing and best of all no more $35 ice cream cakes. I think this costs me roughly $6-$10 to make.


rObrak said...

Seems very delicious! A homemade ice cream, its unfamiliar to me but would really try this. Thank you for sharing. I love sweets and I love to eat. Perfect for the insulated tiffin bag. The cake won't melt because the tiffin bag will sustain the right temperature. It will just stay in its perfect shaped. MMmmmmm.... Yummmy! Great present for holiday!