Mexi Salsa & Fresh Fruit Salad

Here are a couple really yummy recipes for a great summer afternoon lunch or party!!! The salsa is for sure my very favorite treat and so easy to make! Enjoy!

Ingredients:1 packet Zesty italian dressing, follow directions on the packet.
1 clove minced garlic
Fresh ground pepper to taste
1 firm, ripe avocado
1 (15 oz.) can black eyed peas, drained
1 (11 oz.) can white shoepeg corn (or corn kernels) drained
2/3 c. sliced green onion
2/3 c. chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 lb. Roma tomatoes, coarsely chopped
Salt to taste,
Tortilla chips for dipping
Directions:1. In large bowl, mix the zesty italian dressing mixture. Peel, pit and cut avocado into 1/2-inch cubes. Add to zesty mixture and toss.
2. Drain and rinse peas and corn. Add peas, corn, onion, cilantro, and tomatoes and mix gently to coat. Add salt to taste. Refrigerate well-sealed.
3. Serve as an appetizer with tortilla chips, or add 2 cups chopped cabbage to make salad.Presto!: A fancy shmancy summer treat for you and all your li’l buckaroos.

1 package Spring Mix or Continental Mix, mixed with Romaine lettuce.
Strawberries, halved
Avocado, sliced
Pear, sliced–but not until right before serving
Grapefruit, peeled and sliced like a pinwheel
Oranges, peeled and sliced like a pinwheel
Crumbled blue cheeseSugared pecans, whole or halved
Dressing:1 package Good Seasons Italian dressing
1 T. sugar (or just a little less)
1 T. poppy seeds (or just a little less)
3 T. Water
1/4 C. Vinegar
1/2 C. Oil
Directions:Mix all dressing ingredients before adding the oil. It’s best to first toss the lettuce with dressing, then add the fruit and toss with dressing, and put the cheese in at the very end. Don’t overmix.