Easy skillet chicken with mushrooms and onions

I am not a chicken person, but I ate far more then my share of this dish. The spices and butter add such a deep flavor in the chicken. You'll love it.

Cooking time: 25 minutes
Prep time: 5 minutes


2-4 chicken breasts, pounded to about 1/2 inch
sliced mushrooms (around 1 lb)
1 sliced onion (into thin rings)
1/4 C. butter
garlic powder

Melt butter in skillet on medium, *medium/low heat. Sprinkle spices liberally on both sides of the chicken breasts. Arrange chicken in skillet, over butter. Cover and let cook for ten minutes, checking occasionally. Turn chicken and add mushrooms and onion to the skillet and cover for another ten minutes, checking occasionally. Remove chicken when fully cooked, and allow mushrooms and onion to continue cooking and soften.
Serve chicken and mushroom/onion/butter sauce over egg noodles. Serve with a crisp green salad.

*Medium heat on my burner was too high a heat, perhaps because it was the biggest burner. Try a slightly lower heat.

This was very delicious and simple.