Ice Cream Cake

I made this for my moms birthday. I kinda just made it up but it turned out pretty good. It went something like this...

*I used 2 spring form pans (highly recommend).
*Crush up some Oreos and mix with a little melted butter kinda press into the bottom (I didn't use very much butter and my Oreos were kinda chunky they were actually just kinda spread across the bottom and not really pressed in).
*Layer on a carton of SOFTENED ice cream (I used cookies and cream in one of the spring form pans and chocolate chip cookie dough in the other. You can use what ever kinds you want!) *Spread the ice cream out to fill the pan and try to make it mostly flat on top.
*Cover with plastic wrap and freeze (Lay your plastic wrap right on the ice cream).
*I made it the night before but I think about 5 hours in the freezer would do the trick.

To put it all together: take apart one of your pans and put the 'cake' on your platter (Oreos down) spread a thick layer of Hersey's Hot Fudge Topping (or some other brand of thick chocolate topping. Do not warm it up! Do not use chocolate syrup!) on the top of the ice cream and then take out the second 'cake' and put it on top of the chocolate topping (Oreos down) .
Frost with Cool Whip and sprinkle with broken Oreos. Freeze again if you want the cool whip frozen or serve immediately after you frost it.

Don't be scared by my crazy recipe, it really is SO SO easy to make! --and YUMMY!